Toon Advenutres

Check out this kinky hardcore scene from one of the latest Toon Adventures. This one features a busty toon dame. Not only is she kinky but she definitely has a bad side too. Today she was caught trying to hustle a guy and was thrown into jail. However she has a plan to get out. That night it’s just her and one prison guard in the jail and she knows his weakness and how to exploit it. Guys can’t resist her and she lures him into her cell. She says that she doesn’t want to escape she just wants to one last fuck before she’s sent away to prison where there will be no contact with males.

An old chap
like him would normally never have a chance with a angel
like her so he’s not going to pass up this opportunity. In fact he’ll do just about anything she wants. She gives him a blowjob but has his hands strapped up to the wall of the cell. She could’ve ran away then but she was having too much fun now. Instead she makes the guard put on a collar and she rides him like a horse. It’s more physical activity than he can take. That’s when she decide that she better escape before it’s too late!

See the entire hardcore scene at Toon Adventures.


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