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Toon Adventures

Check out these scenes from the latest Toon Adventures episode. Beth is a nineteen year old coed spending a semester studying the Shara Desert. She was driving across the desert to find a rare flower. However her jeep got stuck in the sand standing her in the middle of nowhere. She had a map and it didn’t look like it would be that far to make the rest of the journey by foot. She thought she had plenty of water but within two hours she was out of water and starting to feel exhausted.

She took off her shirt and used it as a hot to protect her hat from the intense sun. She started to get weaker and weaker and decided to lay down and take a nap. She probably would’ve been done for if a nomad hadn’t stumbled upon her. He had plenty of water but he was going to make her earn it. He made her suck his fuck tool
in exchange for water. If she wanted more she would have to nail him
. She fucked him for enough water to rehydrate and refill her canteen.

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