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“Rush is the king boy of corporatist radio” says Ralph.

Ralph Nader to Rush Limbaugh:
You’re an Ignoramus

The wrath of Ralph Nader has struck again. Only this time the legendary consumer activist isn’t taking aim at the airline industry. Nor at the automotive industry. Nor even at nuclear power plants.

This time Ralph’s gunning for Rush Limbaugh. Five days ago the perennial presidential candidate fired off a letter to the syndicated talk-radio host – whose weekly audience exceeds 20 million Americans tuning in on 600 stations. Ralph’s gripe? That the ultra-conservative Rush who frequently rails against welfare recipients is “a huge welfare king himself.” How so? By using the public airwaves to earn his $38 million annual salary.

Instead Ralph wants Rush to pay for that signal. He tells host Brett Cohen that Rush’s salary is “unbelievable – for being basically a humorous ignoramus.” Then he rips further into Rush:

“He wants it both ways: to be seen as a political power who can block things and scare the wits out of Congress…And when he’s accused of false statements or erroneous statements about global warming or about a particular politician “I’m just an entertainer” he’d say. At the same time he’s freeloading on the public airwaves. So rather than wait for Congress or the FCC to start charging for the public airwaves [I suggest] that he and his company do it voluntarily… It’s about time for the super-rich capitalist Rush Limbaugh from Missouri to get himself off big-time welfare.”

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