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Understanding women has always caused some problems to the male species. No wonder men find it hard to approach the women they are interested in.

Men in one way or another get dumbstruck when they see women who make their hearts leap. The men’s tongues get all tied-up. It so happens that the men can’t think start small talks as much as they would like to have a decent conversation.

It’s a good thing that this era has seen the rise of online dating. Nowadays men can approach women they fancy. They have the option to send email or instant messages. All they have to do is to know the email address and/or the IM name of the lady.

However you still have to worry about the proper things to include in your email given that you do know the address that you would like to send your message to. There are some things that women find really disconcerting. The top on the list is a man wanting to get in her pants.

Here are some things to avoid putting in your emails to the lades.

First do not ever write emails with sexual innuendos in them. Take for example stating just how good you are in bed. Sure women would appreciate someone to warm them on cold nights. However no woman in her right state of mind would find such a message flattering. She doesn’t care how big your member is. Well maybe not on the early stages of the dating process. Still sending an email that has details regarding your sexual skills is a no-no. Send the message to a decent girl and you’ll surely get the cold shoulder.

Second learn not to write anything that you would rather not say to a lady in her face. There’s a reason why you can’t and should not say it personally. Saying it in your emails or IM messages does not make it less insulting.


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