Taken from the Loaded Cash press release (a personal review of the site to come):
TORONTO ON October 10 2008 – has announced their recent acquisition of gay dating site from GC Media a welcome addition to its vast portfolio of adult explicit websites.
With plans to run on its highly successful engine […]

I am currently trying to plan my daughter’s second birthday. This is an exciting time for me. I am in conflict about how I should include my boyfriend in this event. My situation is much different from others. My boyfriend is still 800 miles away in Atlanta. This makes it difficult to include him in these other aspects of my life.


If he were not that far away I do believe that it is important to include the person that you are dating in other parts of your life. I am still asking my boyfriend for his opinion of what I should do for my daughter’s birthday. If he were here I would invite him and his son to the event. I believe that to truly date someone and build a relationship with them you need to include them in your life.


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