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Competition is quite tough in the dating world. Men battle it out to catch the attention of the women they fancy. The same thing happens to the online dating scene.

Women have so many guys to choose from on the internet. It is not unusual for a woman to receive plenty of messages all at the same time. She can either reply or ignore the message. It’s definitely her call. However there is a way for your messages to stand out.

It will be a good idea for you to write a catchy subject line for your message. Pretend that it is going to be a headline of some article. Remember the subject headings of your messages can make a great impact on the woman. This means that women do read every part of your message including the heading. It is most likely that the woman will read the mail with the most interesting subject line first.

The subject line isn’t the only thing that matters. Do make sure that your email makes sense. Women have no patience to carry on some dull conversation. Chemistry is one of the things that a person looks for a potential partner. A woman will presumably ignore your message if she can not understand what you’re trying to say.

It is also a good idea to spell and grammar check what you would like to send. Women also look for intelligent men. How can a woman believe that you are intelligent if you can’t even put a decent conversation into writing?

Don’t make the mistake of asking her questions that are obviously in her profile already. For example where she lives when she has clearly stated that she’s been in Florida (or whatever state) all her life. It will only show that you didn’t read her profile. She’ll think that you are not taking her seriously. That is something that the women shouldn’t think of guys like you.


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