[…] Lesley wrote an interesting post today on Jewish Dating – HelpHere’s a quick excerptDating is not easy nothing in life is. So work hard at it just as you would with the challenge of looking for a new job. Send out “feelers” = networking let everyone you know aware that you are looking to meet someone. … […]

[…] Lesley wrote an interesting post today on I met someone!!!!Here’s a quick excerptWhat next. I have said I have the 3 date rule. By then you should get an idea if this is someone you would want to pursue or not. Some people may need a few more. If you are wanting marriage and the intent is that especially as you … […]

We’ve all seen pictures before; that’s a given. But how many of us have been to an online personals website to check out the photos of available dating singles? There are usually two reactions: Click on the profile or scroll away. If you’re the photo’s poster you’re looking to avoid the latter by any means necessary. For this to happen you’ll have to post a decent picture of yourself but you definitely don’t want the photo to depict something that you are not.


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