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I am sitting in a cab next to my boyfriend who has just broken up with me. We’re on the way to my Upper East Side walk-up I’m bawling and somehow in between sobs I blurt out “I’m going to Australia.” I don’t really hear what he says next…

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A couple days ago I put up a blog about eHarmony and all the reasons that I’ve never been a big fan of them. The catalyst behind this post was their recent trouncing in the press over what some people deem as discriminatory practices (i.e.: they only allow straight people to join the site). Now this is a free country and I have firmly believe that when you own a company you have the right to serve whomever you choose. My real issue with them on that level is that they aren’t up front about their policies.

At we help people from all backgrounds. Gay straight black white Asian Jewish Christian Hindu Democrat Republican cat lover dog lover… You name it we’ve written online dating profiles for people who fit into that category.

The reason I’m bringing this up today is because I wanted to pass a special congratulations along to one of our talented writers at ProfileHelper. Jack Mauro is our Same Sex Profile Expert. He joined to help with the growing number of Gay and Lesbian Singles who are looking for help with their online dating profiles. He’s an invaluable part of the team.

A few weeks ago Jack’s book about online dating for Gay Men: M4M: For an Hour or Forever–The Gay Man’s Guide to Finding Love Online. It’s a great primer for Gay men looking to improve their online dating success.

M4M: For an Hour or Forever–The Gay Man’s Guide to Finding Love Online“>Check out the Book!



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