As already mentioned recently pictures can make or break your profile. Your photo or rather the lack thereof will result to messages being ignored by the ladies. Incidentally the presence of photographs can still result to the cold shoulder.

The kinds of pictures that a woman will most definitely ignore are the pictures showing your privates. She’ll ignore this unless she is just looking for a non-serious relationship. However why would you place indecent pictures in your profile if you are looking for that special somebody? Likewise why will a woman respond to a message sent by someone who has a picture of his penis in his profile if she is serious about finding a relationship.

A picture says plenty of things. A woman will believe that someone is looking for sex when she sees that a man’s profile has pictures of his privates. She’ll think to herself that that man is up to no good. Therefore it will be best for her if she ignores the message.

The type of message that you send to the woman will also determine if she replies to it. What does a man have to say so that the message gets at least a reply?

It is advisable for you to read the woman’s profile before you decide to message her. Don’t just scan what she’s written in her profile. She must have spent some time creating her profile. Men are advised to take a look at it. Besides the profiles were made so potential partners can get have an idea what type of personality the other people have.

You can proceed to write a message to her after you’ve read the profile. It is a good idea to ask her specific things about stuff that she’s written. Ask her to elaborate on details that particularly caught your fancy.


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