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Lesbian Roommates

Roommates Kristy and Jerry were planning to meet their friends out at the new club in the city but as you can see they never made it out of the living room. The blonde coed named Kristy was ready first and ended up sitting on the couch reading as she waited for her roommate to finish getting ready. When she saw Jerry in her beautiful green dress she couldn’t control her lust anymore. For a long time she’s had lesbian thoughts about her roommate. She had always tried to control these thoughts but she couldn’t do it anymore. She had to have her roommate!

Check out these intense photos and see what happened next. Jerry didn’t hesitate to kiss her roommate when her lips came close. One thing lead to another and they’re on the couch fooling around. Their soft lips kiss and their delicate hands explore each others excellent bodies. Soon their dresses are coming off and Kristy goes down on her roommate. It’s her first time ever going down on another woman. She can’t believe how much fun it is or how good she tastes.

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