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Online dating or Matchmaking? Which one is better? I might be a bit biased but I think Online dating is the best. Sure there‘s tons of success stories out there from Matchmaking services. Take my friend Julie Ferman over at Cupid’s Coach for example. She’s absolutely the best there is. A lot of that is because she understands it’s not all about putting your life in the hands of a group and saying… ok find my soul mate!

The main problem with Matchmaking is that you’re trusting your matchmaker to pick the perfect person for you from their list of other clients. What are the odds? A matchmaker might have 5000 clients. When you put that up against the several million that some dating sites have… which do you think will give you the best chance of finding Mr. or Ms. Right?

The truth is a lot of the big chain matchmakers have been getting sued lately for not being able to come through with the true love they promise. Just check out this article in the NY Post talking about how It’s Just Lunch is getting it’s Just sued. These services cost thousands of dollars. That is a huge physical and emotional investment in the quest for love. Interestingly while the private firms like Cupid’s Coach pull in generally well adjusted happy people the big chains resort to cold calling to get people in the door. They sell the individuals on the concept and then lock them into long term contracts that have no guarantee of success.

For my money Online dating is the way to go. Sure it will be a little more work on your part but in the end it will all be worth it. You are the only one who knows what you want. You have a much better chance of finding someone from a large pool of potential dates than you do from a small pool that someone else is looking at for you.

Does this mean that online dating is the cure to everyone’s dating ills? Of course not. Online dating isn’t for everyone and if you’re going to do it you need to do it right. If you need help writing your profile or you need a private dating coach to help you along the way… ProfileHelper is there for you.








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