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Guest Robin Sommers shares his online dating horror stories

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At ProfileHelper I’ve worked with thousands of men and women to create their dating profiles or make over the ones they’ve already got. It seems that no matter what condition their profile is in when they come to me they almost always have some problems with their photos as well. In fact it has become such a big deal that we started offering free photo assessments with out profile writing services.

In the battle of who has worse photos: men or women there is no winner. Both sides have their own unique problems that can cause a perfectly good match to turn up their nose and go looking for romance elsewhere. Today I want to focus on the guys.

Here’s five big mistakes that men make with their online dating photos.

  1. Keep your shirt on – It doesn’t matter how ripped you are. Women don’t want to see your chest on your profile. It makes you look extremely vain and even if you are really ripped (and most of you aren’t as buff as you think) women look at these photos and laugh… right before they leave your profile and move onto the next.
  2. You are not Corey Hart – Do not take pictures of yourself in Sunglasses. Women want to see your eyes. Covering them doesn’t make you look cool it makes you look like a doofus.
  3. You don’t need to be Mr. Popular – Make sure not all of your photos are taken with large groups or even worse a woman on your arm. Women want to see you and just you. This includes cropped photos with the “phantom arm” around your neck.
  4. No webcam photos allowed – Let’s face it webcams take awful pictures. They are always too dark and too grainy. Besides they give the impression that you live at the computer.
  5. leave your “Player Face” at home – How hard is it to smile? That’s all you need to do. A decent smile can land you a first date without having to break a sweat. Don’t waste your time taking the “Mr. Serious” photo or the “Hey Baby How you doin” Photo. They just don’t work.


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