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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Meet Freya. She’s a self-confessed splooge addict who just lurrrves a fat handful of cockmeat sliding in and out of her mouth! Here she proves to us just how much she enjoys having her face fucked and even dresses up for it!

This slag has the meatiest pair of buns and it’s so goddamn sexy! But what’s sexier is when she slicks her yapper all over her guy’s shlong letting it pop outta her lips then taking it back in again. She’s really great at licking up that meatlog and he has to use up all his strength to keep from ripping off her thong and slamming it hard into her tight snatch (not that she’d mind LOL)! Finally she gives that shlong one hearty suck and out shoots all that gloopy cock milk splat onto her face!



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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Brunette bitch poking and jabbing plump slut’s hungry twat. Download the free movie clips now

See what a pathetic dude gets when he screws his wife’s hired help! As soon as his wife leaves for work he asks the maid to take her clothes off so he can play with her tits. Then he stuffs his face in her cooter and finally shafts her over the sofa. For some reason the maid seems to like it too — either they’ve done this before or that dork’s got a really big cock!

Unfortunately for him his rod is all he’s got because as soon as he’s about to cum his clever wife catches him and lets him know that all his pussy-banging capers’s been captured on camera! Time to become an instant star loser!



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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Lust Comics

I have another adventure from Lust Comics for you to check out today. Take a look at these wild and kinky illustrated scenes. These coeds were going away for what was supposed to be a nice and relaxing spring break at the nude beach. However this relaxing vacation was soon interrupted by alien like creatures. These women had to fight them off saving the world and having lots of sex along the way!

Lust Comics definitely isn’t your average cartoon site. This one is strictly for adults. You won’t see anything like this on the weekend morning cartoons. These toons let you see some of your wildest fantasies come. Watch the hottest chicks fighting dangerous enemies having sex with aliens giving blowjobs to monsters and much more. The kinkier the better!

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ROBERT PATTINSON 'Twilight' hunk not dating Kristen Stewart Germany
'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson has denied that he is dating Kristen Stewart. The British actor speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' said: "It becomes a joke. There was some magazine the other day about me and Kristen and when you look at it and
‘Twilight' Stars Filming A Secret Movie? Nikki Reed Spills the Beans
• Twilight Daily Dosage – 04/27/09 Celebrity News
Robert Pattinson Becoming Actor to Meet Pretty Girls eparsa Magazine
TransWorldNews (press release)
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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Get ready to rock! Blair a 25-year-old restaurant server loves karaoke. But if you can’t carry a tune a good sense of humor will do. Ivan 26 interior designer He is: not a fan of feet. “I hate them. Come to bed with your socks on!” He…

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Guest Robin Sommers shares his online dating horror stories

Fuck-a-licious friends Jody and Tawny are the team’s newest initiates into the messy world of gangbangs! At such a young age these sweet cuties are really hot for a good fuck so here they’ll get 15 times the screwing they crave! See how their tasty pussies get lapped up by the whole crowd before they get stretched with cock after rigid cock. These horny angels get drilled again and again until they’re sore but they still ache for more! And soon they get plastered with ribbons of hot sticky jizz all over their bodies.

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At ProfileHelper I’ve worked with thousands of men and women to create their dating profiles or make over the ones they’ve already got. It seems that no matter what condition their profile is in when they come to me they almost always have some problems with their photos as well. In fact it has become such a big deal that we started offering free photo assessments with out profile writing services.

In the battle of who has worse photos: men or women there is no winner. Both sides have their own unique problems that can cause a perfectly good match to turn up their nose and go looking for romance elsewhere. Today I want to focus on the guys.

Here’s five big mistakes that men make with their online dating photos.

  1. Keep your shirt on – It doesn’t matter how ripped you are. Women don’t want to see your chest on your profile. It makes you look extremely vain and even if you are really ripped (and most of you aren’t as buff as you think) women look at these photos and laugh… right before they leave your profile and move onto the next.
  2. You are not Corey Hart – Do not take pictures of yourself in Sunglasses. Women want to see your eyes. Covering them doesn’t make you look cool it makes you look like a doofus.
  3. You don’t need to be Mr. Popular – Make sure not all of your photos are taken with large groups or even worse a woman on your arm. Women want to see you and just you. This includes cropped photos with the “phantom arm” around your neck.
  4. No webcam photos allowed – Let’s face it webcams take awful pictures. They are always too dark and too grainy. Besides they give the impression that you live at the computer.
  5. leave your “Player Face” at home – How hard is it to smile? That’s all you need to do. A decent smile can land you a first date without having to break a sweat. Don’t waste your time taking the “Mr. Serious” photo or the “Hey Baby How you doin” Photo. They just don’t work.


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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Lesbian Roommates

Roommates Kristy and Jerry were planning to meet their friends out at the new club in the city but as you can see they never made it out of the living room. The blonde coed named Kristy was ready first and ended up sitting on the couch reading as she waited for her roommate to finish getting ready. When she saw Jerry in her beautiful green dress she couldn’t control her lust anymore. For a long time she’s had lesbian thoughts about her roommate. She had always tried to control these thoughts but she couldn’t do it anymore. She had to have her roommate!

Check out these intense photos and see what happened next. Jerry didn’t hesitate to kiss her roommate when her lips came close. One thing lead to another and they’re on the couch fooling around. Their soft lips kiss and their delicate hands explore each others excellent bodies. Soon their dresses are coming off and Kristy goes down on her roommate. It’s her first time ever going down on another woman. She can’t believe how much fun it is or how good she tastes.

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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
Download the impressive and turning on video from our private collection with even two rough and sexy mistresses heavily torturing their moaning slaves! See one of chicks dripping burning wax on guys while another works her whip and doesn’t let bound boys escape from that hot stream!
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The twink doctor fucks this guy
The twink doctor fucks this guy

This is the kind of nurse I want to be. The kind that can visit an ill twink at home diagnose his issue by talking prescribe booze and cock sucking and have the guy feel all better! The cock sucking and butt pounding is really steamy in this visit get your cure for blue balls today!

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Cat Lady Gags Blonde Babe With Her Own Panties

Check out the latest kinky lesbian adventure from In Femdom. The cat lady a vicious lesbian dom
has found her latest victim a sexy blonde. The blonde is a woman that invited over yesterday. The blonde thought that she was in front a steamy lesbian adventure and was never expecting anything like this. Behind closed doors the cat woman went from cute and innocent and took on her dominatrix personality.

Soon there was a collar around the blonde’s neck and she was on a leash. The cat woman forced her to go to her secret pain and torment lair. She chained her victim to the brick wall and started to have her way with her. However the blonde wouldn’t stop complaining and begging for it to end. That’s when the cat woman ripped of the blonde’s panties and stuffed them in her mouth. That would keep her quiet and she could have her fun without being interrupted now.

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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

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Nubile Lila

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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

People can raise a big fuss about women dating a much younger man. That is because people are so used to the custom that women are younger than their dates because it is commonly thought that women mature earlier than men and thus a woman dating an older man would probably be equals when it comes to maturity level. So should age be an issue when it comes to matchmaking?

Cuddly brunette was sitting in the café and enjoying her coke when two guys decided it would be fun to fuck her 🙂 Find out what they told her before bringing her to some garage and then shooting her while fucking! Banged from behind she got a massive splash of cum on her tits!Watch this gallery now!

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Watch her turn on the charm to get into the guys’ pants as she shows them all her huge bouncy knockers and juicy butt. But it’s her perfectly tanned mocha skin that turns them on and she lets them run their hands all over her curves before she starts licking up their hardening cocks. In a few moments she’s hornily sliding her mouth all around everyone’s hard-on and some guys dare to ram their sausages up her pussy. She enjoys this and tells everyone to fill up her ass with cockmeat as well. Watch this whore get all of her holes loosened up with the most intense pussy-slamming of her life!




Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

There’s nothing like having a pretty beauty take your cock ass to mouth and giving her both a nasty anal creampie and a rock hard facial cumshot. This sinful hoe from Anal Sex Maniacs loves the special flavor a cock has after drilling her sweet pink ass hole and getting showered with jizz after some hard backdoor fucking makes her totally happy. That’s some must-see stuff from Anal Sex Maniacs right there!

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Don’t you want to know what the favorite color of busty cutie Leila is? White lacy lingerie she is wearing makes a perfect combination with her lovely black toy but when just one big rubber cock is not enough a red love stick is always here to help.
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