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Cheap date ideas for couples are in the Fremont neighborhood. A list includes: Biking Burke Gilman Kite Hill at Gas Works Park perfect fish & chips and just exploring.

We have become a society that has done away with most face to face forms of communication. Instead of walking over to a coworker’s office and having a conversation with them we just send an email. The personal part of our interactions is gone. This is starting to become true in relationships as well.


There is a trend growing when it comes to dating. The use of text messaging to talk to the person that you are dating is on the rise. Many people use this as the number one way that they communicate with the person that they are dating. This is a very cold and distant way to have a relationship go.


Text messaging can come in handy when it comes to dating. I often use texts to talk to my boyfriend when my daughter is asleep. However this should never be the only way that the two of you communicate.


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