MOVIES were the perfect conversation starter for Kris a 27-year-old TV production assistant and Blair a 25-year-old aspiring actress during their dinner at the Midtown Italian spot Lugo Caffé. But when Kris felt like he was Blair’s…

Hey all

Once in a while I see something and it just strikes me as funny. Get to know me and you’ll quickly find that there are few things in this world I dislike more than Clowns Mimes or Asparagus… Taking that into consideration I had to share with you all this video I just saw of a mime trying to pick up women. I don’t know if its funny but any time a mime can be mocked I will usually get a chuckle.



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Corey In A Red Bra

Check out the large and consummate boobs and this raven haired hottie. Whether you’re a boobs boy or an ass man you can definitely appreciate the rack that this chick has. She says that she loves to wear tight shirts to show off her curvy figure and if they’re low cut to show off her ample amounts of cleavage it’s even better. She likes the attention she gets from men just walking down the street. Men stare whistle and of course some try to talk to her. But you had better have a good game if you expect to get her home with you that night. She’s heard all of the lines.

But she’s definitely not just a tease. She says that she loves having her boobs played with because they’re so sensitive especially her nipples. She loves it when a boy licks sucks or even nibbles on her nipples. She even likes it when a guy slides his hard ramrod between her soft milk cans of flesh and titty fucks her. Of course if you’re going to titty penetrate her you had better penetrate her snatch too. If you do a good job she might invite you back for seconds!

See more of this busty babe at Ideal Boobs.


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