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I’M stretched out on the Jitney returning from a wild weekend in the Hamptons. And by wild I mean 48 gay men 47 identical grosgrain belts one summer share ripped from the pages of Design Within Reach and me — the token straight girl visiting…
They say that love does make the world go round. This is actually true in one way or another. Life seems easier when a person has someone special to share it with. The troubles that a person encounters become lighter. Why not? He has someone to tell his worries to. He has someone who stands right by his side. He isn’t the only one who will carry the burden. His partner can offer him pieces of advise that he may need. His partner may be able to see some pieces of the puzzle that he has overlooked. Truly love is a sweet thing. Many people are fortunate to have already found their partners in life. However there are still those in the process of searching.

One must admit that finding that special someone is a difficult thing to do. A man has to spend some time trying to get to know the girl that he fancies. Not only that a man still has to look for a girl that that is just his type. He has to find someone who shares his interests — someone who has great chemistry with him.

Online dating somehow makes looking for a potential partner easier. All that the man has to do is join a dating site. However it is not that easy as it looks. There are some perils in online dating. One can not be sure who he is talking to since the dating or communication is done over the net. It won’t be hard for some people to pretend and change their identities online. A situation like this could pose some problems especially for those who are looking for a serious commitment. You migt meet someone who will intentionally make you fall for her then leave you in the end. Thus proceed with extra caution when dating online.


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