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(Online Dating Newsletter) This episode of Sheila’s Dating Adventure is titled “Flirt Alert” and deals with Sheila Dolan (one of the five Satellite Sisters) going shopping for lipstick. Consulting a professional the steps are laid out for creating the perfect lips for women. Sheila ends up with red lipstick that includes a primer foundation and […]

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Submissive Gal Fucked By Her Lesbo

I’ve got another wild and very kinky from the Bizarre Adult Club to share with you today. Check out these photos of a dom
fucking her submissive sex slave with a strap on dildo
. It all started when the lesbian slave started misbehaving. The mistress didn’t say anything at the time but that night she brought her slave down into the basement. She gave her the option of the torture machine or the strap on vibrator
. The slave wisely choose the strap on vibrator
punishment but that wasn’t going to be as enjoyable experience as she thought that it was going to be!

The mistress was laying on the ground and had her slave sit on top of her. At first the slave slid her love bud on to the rubber dildo but that’s not what her mistress intended. That’s when she told her slave that she wanted to ass fuck her with the strap on sextoy. The slave was an anal virgin and was terrified of this but she did what she was told. The pain was excruciating as the sextoy was pushed into her ass. However she knew not to complain and by the end of the punishment she was enjoying it as much as her mistress.

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