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This will undoubtedly convince you that Kristian is a geek.
So a few hours ago on a Sunday evening I’m sat here in my office looking at Promote Dating and thinking to myself “You know this place could do with a new coat of paint.”
Several hours later – and a few gray hairs – and hey […]

New Porn Talent

Today I want to introduce you to a 21 year old model named Olivia. This angel
has done lots of modeling on the runway and for catalogs but she’s never done any sort of nude modeling. However times are tough and she’s getting desperate to pay the bills. Originally she came in to just pose for us but when she found out that she could make even more money having sex she couldn’t say no.

Check out these photos from Olivia’s first time in front of the camera. You can tell she was feeling shy and nervous at first but it’s not long before she starts to get really comfortable in front of the camera. That’s when it starts to get really interesting. It starts with her flashing her perky mangos but it’s not long before she’s giving a oral pleasure
. Soon she’s getting her tender vagina pounded. Before you know it she’s getting covered in cum.

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