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Dating when you have children is elementary
When my children were younger and I was dating I only invited a guy to my house when I had known him for a considerable amount of time. One of the things I avoided was parading a host of men in front of my boy and girl. Children take note of the life

A new UK-based adult dating site called Tummy Butterflies geared towards married people looking for extramarital affairs.
On it’s homepage the Tummy Butterflies website states: “Perhaps you are in a loveless or dead-end marriage or relationship. Your partner no longer values you. Intimacy has long gone but for many reasons you do not want to upset the apple cart. Is this you?”
This adult dating site is for married and attached people seeking extramarital affairs where users are very honest about their situation. Unlike single adult dating sites Tummy Butterfly is for mebers who are attached and are looking for someone else who was also attached.
The site has no ads or popups no smutty profiles and no nude pictures (except the odd password protected one). Also Tummy Butterflies requires all of its members to write a reasonable amount in their profile so users don’t have to put up with sorting through hundreds of profiles that just say “I want a fun time…” and nothing else.
Tummy Butterflies has a disclaimer on each and every one of its pages which discusses the possible consequences of cheating on your partner and extramarital affairs in general. Tummy Butterflies also offers “Tease Cards” for free to all of its users which are basically set of business cards listing the details of the site and how to contact the person who gave out the card in the first place.
The site is free for females but men have to pay £119 a month to be able to chat and mail.


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