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It is beleived that more than a whooping 40 million American singles are members of dating sites. This is an entirely new approach to finding your dream girl. Of course a different method of dating girls requires new rules too!

By now people must know that they should be wary of safety precautions that they should practice when engaging in online dates. Needless to say one must also know the varying rules when they find themselves hooked to online dating.

There are different rules concerning internet dating. Not many people tell you these rules. They are of course unwritten. You should know these rules by heart to ensure that you don’t get yourself hurt when dating online.

First never expect too much. A bunch of people find that they get disappointed whenever they fail to carry on a successful romantic relationship on the internet. Unfortunately for them they expect way too much from the online dating escapade. Remember that it takes more than 3 dates before you find your online match. Be really persistent when looking for potential mates.

Second it is understandable that you get excited whenever you get messages in your inbox. However don’t make it so obvious that you are psyched. Learn not to blow your cool. Responding very quickly to the message might make you appear to be desperate. Also don’t respond during holidays or weekends. Pretend that you have a pretty outgoing social life!

Third the tone of your conversations must be light. It is never a good idea to share your whole life online. Also avoid telling your potential partner about whatever is ailing you. Remember you are not yet emotionally committed. Keep your hurting to yourself.

Lastly say goodbye to the relationship if you still haven’t arranged plans for seeing each other in person. This must be done when at least three emails haveve been exchanged yet there’s still no date plans in the air. Exchangind emails may be a good way to know a person but it doesn’t compare to meeting the ladies in person.


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