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26 / Woman seeking Man or Woman 18 – 35

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Born : 1983-04-11

Location : Navasota Texas

About lilhotgirl2use: I'm a student at texas a&m working my history masters and then later on to work on my p.h.d. since i plan to teach college history someday. i'm a pretty open person and willing to try just about anything. I just want to live life the fullest right now. Thanks EVERYONE..:)

This is true in many aspects of life. This little piece of information about men is even true in relationships. I am not saying that you should play games with the man in your life. I believe in being truly honest and upfront with the person that you are dating. That being said I have noticed a few truths about men when it comes to dating.


When I was overly attentive to my boyfriend he would not care if he talked to me or not. To be truthful other things that were going on in his life distracted him. Since I was always there he was not worried about me going anywhere. Then it all began to change.


As the time became longer that he was in Atlanta I started to focus more on my own life. I still loved him and wanted to include him I just did not make the effort to talk to him a couple of times a day. I even skipped a day of sending him a message because I got wrapped up in something that I was doing. All of a sudden my casual boyfriend was texting me to see what was going on. He started realizing that he needed to make an effort to keep me as part of his life. Some may say this is playing a game. What do you think?


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