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I thought it was just the men that bet each other about sex but apparently the babes do it too. In fact two friends Katty the blonde in today’s photos and Olga have gone as far as two bet a new car on who could sleep with the most women. I don’t know if it gets any hotter than two lesbian chicks competing to sleep with the most women. Check out these steamy pictures from this Bet On Lesbian Sex Adventure. Katty was supposed to be studying with her roommate but as you can see things got really nice-looking!

One minute they’re practicing their verbs for their Spanish class and the next they’re practicing their kissing on each other. Of course there’s a lot more than making out going on. Slowly they start to take off each others clothes revealing both of their hot bodies. It’s not long before Katty is going down on her friend licking and tasting her roommate’s delicious pussy.

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