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Does size matter? That is the eternal question. Whether you are talking about cars diamonds or …other things everyone seems to have an opinion. But what about writing your online dating profile? Does the size of the profile you put on Yahoo Personals or even eHarmony really matter? Absolutely!

When writing your online dating profile it’s important to keep what you are saying balanced. Think of your profile in terms of The Three Bears. You want to find just the right balance to make Goldilocks or Prince Charming choose your porridge. If you write a profile that is too short singles will look at it and think that you either have nothing interesting to say or that you were just too lazy to put in the effort. But if you write a profile that is too long a lot of people won’t even read it. Even worse there’s a good chance that when you filled all that space you probably put in some things that shouldn’t be there. Show me a profile that’s longer than 350 words and I’ll tell you how their last relationship ended. I can almost bet you that they’ve let the reason slip in even if they don’t realize it.

So how do you know if your profile is the right length?

Ask yourself these questions:
– Does it take me more than a minute to read my profile?
– On the dating site do I have to scroll down to read my whole profile?
– Am I giving away more information than I would on a first date?
– Does it take less than 15 seconds to read my profile?

If the answers to any of these questions are yes there’s a good chance that you’ve got size problems.Have one of our Online dating experts at ProfileHelper makeover your profile or write a whole new profile for you just click here.

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