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An interview with relationship expert Dr Ian Kerner

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How does a man create a dating profile? First keep in mind that a dating profile doesn’t jsut pertain to the text that a man writes in the form. A profile also needs at least one picture. However the issue about photos will be tackled later on. The focus will be on the stuff that men write in their dating profiles.

A man must pretend that he is an advertising executive selling a concept to the client. The client being the ladies. The man must be creative enough to spice up his dating profile. It is true that he must stick to facts. However a little creativity in presenting them wouldn’t hurt. Letting a man’s creative juices flow will get him a long way.

Women like men showing a good sense of humor. You should have this irresistible trait. Think of one of the funniest anecdotes that you can think of. Include the story in your dating profile. Women will see just how much of a good sport you are when they read your profile.

Also check that you don’t have grammar issues. Run your profile on a word processor and check for errors before submitting your answers for the profile. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to get you some time before you finish answering the profile. The important thing is that you gave everything in your power to make it sound appealing to the ladies.

Make your profile state your achievements without sounding like a total drag. Women are attracted to men who are responsible. They also get interested in men who are ambitious. They unconsciously think that ambitious men can take good care of them. The reason? Ambitious men values having a direction in life. Women love to be guided by someone. Therefore ambitious men can guide them quite effortlessly. Making decisions is a natural trait to men. Womwn love those who are in control.


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