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Erica a 19-year-old civil engineering student could use a break from studying. To her the perfect date would include laughs with a cologne-wearing man over some exotic cuisine. Ike 21 intern He is: an outdoorsy dude. “During the day…
As mentioned in the previous blog there are a couple of things that provoke a lady’s disappointment. It is advisable that men treat women with care and respect.

Here a few more things that guarantee women won’t find your messages offensive.

Think about your chat nick. Does it also have a sexual note to it? By all means change it! Women who are longing for serious relationships will see you as someone who is just for a no-strings attached kind of thing. They will surely stay away from you. In the same manner don’t create a chat nick that sounds too cheesy. Most if not all women do not like cheesy chat nicks. Sure they are all into dramas and sweet mushy movies. However a cheesy nick from a guy won’t do any magic.

Also never talk about your past loves no matter what. Women understand that you’d like to get some sympathy. You need someone to console your grieving heart. However don’t even think that women online would see you as a potential partner if you dump your emotional load on them. Besides some women will believe that you are most probably on the rebound. They’ll definitely stay away from you if they get that feeling. They are special individuals it’s best that men make them feel that way.

Another instance that you should avoid is to respond late to messages. Promptness counts for something. Women will appreciate this small action. Also do not tell them that the reason you responded late is because you got tons of messages from other ladies. A woman’s radar will go off. She’ll instantly see you as a player. Besides the woman won’t necessarily believe you. She’ll even see you as a conceited fellow. Women hate conceit in men. Thus you will not get too far with her.

Follow this simple guidelines and you’ll get successful with online dating.


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