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A dating profile like a game of chess wouldn’t be complete if the picture is missing or placed in a bad location. The picture may be signified by the “King” in a chess board.

A wrong move that exposes your “King” will put you in jeopardy. The same thing goes with the picture that you use. A wrong picture placed in the profile may lose you a couple of dates!

Choose your pictures with utmost care. The photos that you should use must be clear. Avoid pictures that becomes pixelized when you upload them to the site. You want to show off your features. Choose shots that show your best angle. Also choose a good picture showing a great atmosphere or background. Pictures can really say a lot of words even without the use of captions! A woman can have several opinions of you just by looking at the pictures that you posted. She can deduce that you are an outgoing person if you have goofy pictures in your profile. She can also conclude that you are a nature-loving person if your picture has a scene of the great outdoors.

It is suggested that you use pictures to incorporate to the thoughts that you’ve placed in your profile. In this manner the women will believe that the stuff you wrote in your profile are true. Why not? You’ve got the pictures to prove it!

Never post a dating profile that doesn’t have photos included in it. A good head shot of you will do. Women will respond more if the sender of the mail they received has a couple of pictures in his profile. Looks after all plays a very important role for online dating. It’s not that women are going for gorgeous men. It is because women as well as men can get an idea of an individual’s personality by jsut looking at a picture.


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