Student Seduces Her Teacher For A Better Grade

There’s no way that this plump older guy should be able to get a smoking beautiful blonde floozy like her but that’s exactly what happened the other night. Her grades have been horrible this year so he asked her to setup a meeting with him and her parents. However when he got to her house he found that it was just her there. That’s when she said that she would be willing to do anything if he didn’t tell her parents. Check out these pictures and see what happened that one wild night.

She would never tell anyone but none of the other students would believe that she would penetrate him. And he could tell all of the other male teachers but none of them would believe that either. However here they were! She was soon on her knees giving him a blowjob. He hadn’t had oral sex like that in years! And he definitely hadn’t felt a tight pussy like hers in decades. He couldn’t believe how good it felt!

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