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20 / Woman seeking Man or Woman 18 – 57

Rating : 9.28

Born : 1989-06-23

Location : Minneapolis, Minnesota

About agree2pls: Lonely woman looking for some ment to be put back into her life.

blitz123’s Profile Age : 29 (Fiji) Gender : Male Self Description : i am a free thinker and i am very open minded, i like someone who has the same interests as myself. To see more details about blitz123, click the link below.

[…] Lesley wrote an interesting post today on Another Tip in Jewish DatingHere’s a quick excerptThere is a fine line between having realistic relationship expectations and being open to whatever comes your way. Therefore, keeping an open mind while still remembering what’s truly important to you in a relationship is ideal. […]

[…] Lesley wrote an interesting post today on Achieving Happiness in Jewish datingHere’s a quick excerptAdam and Eve, first man and woman. How where they “created”, Eve came directly from Adam, his rib. So men have to be reminded that a woman is part of them. Woman should understand this as well. Both though have to remember that even … […]


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