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Being a single person is no longer a state that one should run away from. Single people can live complete and fulfilled lives without being saddled by spouses or life partners. In fact, single-blessedness is now becoming a state that is desirable and even envied because there are so many opportunities open to singles that are not even accessible to those who are married. There are 6 simple steps to creating a link code on Dating Gold.
Click on Promo Tools.  This takes you to a tab called Sites.
Choose a site to promote.  Amateur Match, for instance.  Click next.
You are now on the Payouts tab.  Select the type of payout you prefer.  Pay per lead, for instance.  Click next.
You are […]

[…] Lesley wrote an interesting post today on Jewish Dating – HelpHere’s a quick excerptDating is not easy, nothing in life is. So work hard at it, just as you would with the challenge of looking for a new job. Send out “feelers” = networking let everyone you know aware that you are looking to meet someone. … […]


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