Easy Tips For Las Vegas Deals: Because You Deserve A Sin City Adventure

Life is more stressful than ever these days. You work hard, and deserve some fun. While it may feel like money is too tight to spend anything on travel and leisure, you only live once… so dont let the economy stop you if you want to blow off some steam with a weekend in Las Vegas. Sure, you may be lacking in funds… but who isnt these days? Because everyone is strapped for cash, that means Sin City is hurting as well… and desperate to draw visitors back to town, which makes it easier than ever to find Las Vegas deals.

Beyond the rates brought to new lows by the economy, there are a few extra tips you can follow to save even more cash and score great Las Vegas deals and discounts. You can have a shockingly low-cost weekend in Vegas… if you just know a few smart tricks for scoring Las Vegas deals…

Unwrap A Package Las Vegas Deall! The airlines, hotels, and travel sites all offer package deals, which allow you to book your flight, hotel room, dinner reservations, show tickets, and more, in one bundle that costs a lot less than if you paid for everything separately. Whatever youre looking to do, there is a most likely a package deal that includes tickets to the show you want to see, a room at the hotel you want to stay at, and a flight on your favorite airline, bundled into one discounted package.
Make Wednesday The New Saturday! The hard-party crowd migrates to Vegas on the weekend, and since more people are in town trying to book a room, rates are higher. But if you can take the time to travel during the middle of the week, you can save big money. The cheapest room rates can be found on Wednesdays, in the middle of the work-week. This also means The Strip is less packed, lines are a little shorter, and you actually might get into your nightclub or restaurant of choice without waiting for two hours. Theres really no downside to turning Wednesday into your Vegas party day, especially if you can play hooky from work for a day or two.
Surf The Web For The Best Las Vegas Deals! The internet is brimming over with travel deal sites offering incredible Las Vegas deals. Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak, Priceline, are just a few of the big players, and it seems like a new one springs up once a day. With such a selection of deal sites to browse, there is no reason for you to not find the most amazing Las Vegas deals and discounts to book your trip.
Find Half Price Tickets! Only suckers pay full price… which is why youve got to find one of the booths hawking half price tickets located all over The Strip and other parts of Vegas. These booths are easy to find, since there are usually long lines of discount seekers waiting outside of them to snag tickets for up to half off. If you can stand to wait in the blistering Vegas heat, you can score phenomenal deals. And since they also offer discounted meals from dozens of restaurants and buffets, you might want to put on some sun-block and jump in line.
Youre Already A Player; Join A Players Club! All the casinos in Vegas feature players clubs or rewards programs which you can sign up for for free to earn points that can go towards comps and discounts. Many Vegas resorts are connected, so you can use your players club card to earn points at a bunch of resorts. The MGM Mirage Players Club card is good at 12 resorts, including Bellaigo, Aria, Mirage, and MGM Grand. In addition, Players Club members receive exclusive emails with deals, coupons, and enticing offers. The Casinos want you to sign up for the Players Club so they can collect demographic information about your behavior at their casino, so if you dont mind the Big Brother element, join a Players club or two to earn earn comps and other money saving discounts.

There are always more tactics to find Las Vegas Air Hotel Specails, but if you follow the bullet points above, youll be well on your way to becoming a master of Las Vegas deals.

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