The Yantra Mat – The Pain Relief Mat That Really Works

The Yantra mat is now one of the new therapeutic inventions for the home. It’s an acupressure mat brought from Sweden. The Mat provides: 210 spiky circular flowers, each of these contains 42 acupressure contact spikes in total this equals 8,820 contact points. All of these acupressure contact points makes sure of the highest level of connection to the ‘acupoints’ that are located down the meridian lines of the body. On the back of the Yantra Mat you’ll notice an Indian meditation token, the Yantra. The word Yantra comes from the Sanskrit term yan, which means ‘form’, and ‘tra’, which means free.
Acupressure mats enhance healthiness through enabling you feel incredibly stress-free, minimizes pains and leaves you feeling revitalised. When you use thye mat during the first minutes, you’ll sense warmth down the areas of your body coming in contact with the spikes, that is an increase in the circulation of blood, which is a natural reaction to acupressure. It isn’t unusual for people to drift off to sleep on the mat.
It is based on touch and uses the same pressure points on the body used in acupuncture. Instead of needles, acupressure stimulates the body by using finger pressure.
This mat will be enjoyed by any individual who wishes to feel more relaxed and also enhance his or her wellbeing. If you are on prescribed medication make sure you consult your general practitioner before using the mat. The Yantra mat is not appropriate for women who are breastfeeding or expecting a baby. A child may use an acupressure mat but always under adult supervision.

Acupressure Mat Instructions
You can use the mat in virtually any feasible position There are some fundamental positions shown on : are on your back (The position which i advise you use to start with), tummy, on a seat (you put it on a seat and sit down on it), and placing your cheek against it. When you use it lying on your back all of your meridian points down the spine get stimulated which results in all muscle groups down the spine relaxing along with a release of endorphins. When on your belly all of the acupressure spots along your front get stimulated relaxing your muscles and causing in good digestion. When seated your lower muscles in your bottom relax. It will additionally boosts circulation in this area.

The Feedback Survey
304 individuals have been asked questions regarding their mat, 280 women (92%) & 24 men (8%).
78% use the Yantra mat more than 2 times every week and of that 78% over half make use of the acupressure mat over four times every week
9 out of 10 mat owners say that the mat provides positive benefits
35% said they use the mat to help reduce anxiety

I truly did not believe when i bought the mat that it would stand up to it claims, however my partner and I have given it an a lot of use over the period of a month or so and, what can I say, it does work. Whilst using the mat I noticed some exciting effects regarding the trouble with my spine, my back troubles are the result of a slipped disc that traps the nerves, because the pain is a lot less every now and then I feel no pain whatsoever additionally , the muscles in the back feel a good deal more flexible. I normally wake up stiff in my joints, after 1 or 2 weeks on the mat however I’m far more flexible

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