The Yantra Mat – For Increased Wellbeing

This is a lightweight floor mat covered on one side in ABS spiked flowers which are designed to energize special pressure points on our bodies thru acupressure. When it is unrolled, it’s one side consists of hundreds of spiky ‘flowers’, these function in a similar way to the conventional bed of nails. The flowers are located on the mat to ensure that even force is applied over the area of the mat. The mat is supplied in a classy bag and is easily portable, allowing you to enjoy it’s therapeutic benefits both at home and at the workplace, as well as pack easily for you to take it on holiday.
Health Benefits?
Using the Yantra Mat is a fantastic way to de-stress and energise, restoring blood flows of one’s body. It will also induce the sort of lucidity and awareness that typically only achieved from lengthy periods of meditation or intense physical activity. Acupressure might also bring about the release of endorphins, the human body’s very own pain relief and happiness hormones.
About Acupressure
Using the anchient Chinese art of acupressure. By pressing 12 Meridians around the body it helps to release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood and may aid the body’s natural healing process.
The Acupressure Mat Health Benefits
If you’re experiencing trouble going to sleep, muscle tension, joint stiffness, general aches or pains then a Yantra Mat could be great for you. For those who are expecting a baby or breast feeding you must not use the Yantra Mat You are able to also make use of the mat if you are overweight, in fact there’s even some evidence to show that acupressure increases rate of metabolism.

The Yantra Mat is versatile enough for you to choose the perfect position in which to use it. The way you make use of the mat is up to you, it is possible to lie on it, often lying on your back or your front, or by putting the mat on a chair or sofa, you can lean against it controlling the amount of weight you apply. To achieve the best results you should use the spikes on uncovered skin however to start with until you are accustomed to the spikes it is recommended that you wear a t-shirt.

Consumer Feed back
The designers of the mat carried out a consumer survey, these are some of the results.
Over half said they use the Yantra Mat for pain alleviation
4 in 10 questioned use their Yantra Mat to further improve overall condition and well being
99% of those questioned said they will continue using the mat.

The Yantra Mat provides a perfectly chilled out experience all over along with beneficial effects on both my sleep and circulation. Positive factors I have found now that I am investing 20 minutes a day on the mat have been increased blood circulation – the end of my limbs feel much warmer as well as higher energy levels and an appetite accomplish much more! People today should spend more time relaxing and The Yantra Mat gives a concentrated relaxation yet still having a lot of favourable effects on the constitution.

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