Vize Basvurusu – Trying to get a Visa for Your Spouse

A united states citizen who might be married with a foreign person may make application for a visa for their partner to come reside in the usa. It is easier to get a visa for your hubby or a visa for your wife than you might think. You will find two sorts of visa for the wife or husband; one is a new nonimmigrant visa for the spouse and another is definitely an immigrant passport for a husband or wife.
The immigrant visa for the spouse uses a petition with regard to alien comparative. You can aquire a passport for your partner or a passport for your girlfriend this way if your spouse fulfills the requirements for the green card. Typically the visa for the spouse will be available instantly, and you will probably have got a visa for your husband or even a visa for ones wife bringing them around asap. This is actually the absolute best scenario getting a passport for your loved one.
The nonimmigrant visa for any spouse need to be filed together with the country the location where the marriage came about. Upon having a visa for ones husband or even a visa on your partner, your husband or wife will come towards the United states of america to await for the immigration procedure to start. Some sort of nonimmigrant visa on your spouse can be a less best option, and you should try to get a good immigrant visa for ones husband or perhaps an immigrant passport for your wife before you investigate this option.
Of course , often there is a research into the marriage to ascertain no fraudulence is being committed. Movies as well as popular culture get promoted this part of the method in getting a visa to your loved one. You can find fraud components that the immigration officer will look with regard to when deciding whether to grand any visa to your husband or perhaps a visa in your better half.
You must contact a good immigration lawyer once you have made a decision to have a visa for your loved one. While receiving a visa to your husband or perhaps a visa for the wife doesn’t always have for being challenging, immigration is actually complex, and the rules are always changing. A brief consultation with regards to the process of obtaining a visa to your spouse can save you time and money when you go to get a visa for the husband or a visa to your wife. By dialling an immigration legal professional, you may make getting a visa to your spouse simple, and you will be assured the process is going to be done properly in order to use a visa to your husband or possibly a visa for ones better half.

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