Louis Vuitton Goes Pastel and Flowery This Season

Are you planning on getting yourself a Louis Vuitton replica handbag of the latest trneds? Well, there are many replica handbags brands in the market but you might want to take a closer look at the latest summer trends going about this brand and then decide for yourself.

The Spring 2012 collection heralds a lot of pastel shades and floral designs in this brand. They have infused such a theme in all their lines – from clothing to accessories. Hence, no wonder then that one will see all the famed bag designs of Louis Vuitton in pale shades of white, brown, beige as well as hued by bright pastel shades of red, green, blue and others. So what do such design trends represent? A very airy feel about the season and that transcends from the clothes to the accessories.

Before you decide to pick up a Monogram Transparence which is a bag model to die for and is as light as a feather, you might want to look at your wardrobe. Are you still wearing the dull greys and blues which you invested in autumn last ear? Then it is time to revamp your wardrobe before you bring in a latest Louis Vuitton replica to pair with them.

You do not need to invest in fresh clothes but get those old, flowery skirts and petite blouses out. Since the retro and flowery theme is overtly feminine, you cannot go wrong with such clothes this season. And once your wardrobe makeover is complete, then head over to the replica handbags stores online and take your pick from the latest Speedy or the Monogram bags or the Pouchette bag which is all the rage this season. A pale monogrammed canvas bag from a replica brand cannot make you go wrong during the summer months.

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