A permanent and natural way to get rid of Hemorrhoids

The cause of swollen veins in rectum and anus area is the main reason for hemorrhoids. It may be external or internal cause. This can be treated easily however much care is required because it may lead to greater risk in the future. Suffering silently is what happens with those infected by hemorrhoids. They may hesitate discussing about this problem with even closer relations or doctor. They mostly try to solve by themselves unless until it becomes severe.

There are counter creams and surgery available to cure hemorrhoids. There are over the counter medications available but they may cause unwanted side effects So only through proper doctor advice and examination, you have to carry on them Cream may give only temporary relief. Moreover, surgery is the last option one can choose if the situation becomes worse and intolerable Before deciding on the surgery solution, the patient undergoes untold suffering and unbearable pain The method and diagnosis can be properly achieved if the proper reason for hemorrhoids to occur is understood.

The main reason for having hemorroids is the pressure applied on the veins at the lower part of the body Obesity, pressure and pregnancy are some of the other reasons for hemorrhoids. Reduce the body weight and the relief will be great Then the next main reason is constipation The problem of constipation can be reduced by changing the food habits and life style. Taking food containing more fiber content and fruits and vegetables would help in keeping you healthy. Regular work outs can also help to reduce constipation problem.

There are herbals used for treating hemorrhoids for permanent solution. Phenomerrhoid can be taken to cure hemorrhoid in a natural way. This herb will effectively act on hemorrhoids tissues and fights against unwanted cells.It can be obtained through their website Aloe vera functions as an other effective medication for hemorrhoids. Apply aloe vera pulp at the swelling regularly It will reduce the itching feeling and will reduce the swelling Apart from the home remedies Rubber band litigation, Infrared photocoagulation, laser treatment, stapled hemorrhoidopexy and hemorrhoidectomy are some hemorrhoids treatments that can be undertaken successfully but these are somewhat expensive

Herbal remedies that can be taken as home treatment are the best solution for this discomfort This is a permanent and inexpensive method. For those who work for long hours must change their sitting posture often. They must take a small break, stand erect, relax and if possible walk to some distance If we follow the regular health tips is enough to prevent disorders like hemorrhoids

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