Euro 2012 & Ukraine Accommodations from 40 Euros/night

In case you have planned to visit Ukraine for Euro 2012, it is better to familiarize everything regarding accommodation, transport and using cash versus credit in the country.Remember to not only rely on credit cards and to keep arrangements for ready cash for travel or for any kind of Ukraine, accommodation in kharkiv

There are various ways to reach Kharkov but you must be sure that you are not being overcharged by any local taxi service or bus service since with the immense fan population in the city taxi drivers may want to make some extra money out of innocent tourists From Vienna and Boryspil, you can directly come by air and from Kiev you can use buses and trains to come to kharkov.Those who have flown in directly to Kharkov will plenty of options of from and to airport transfer to Kharkov You can check out the Internet for attractive rates for Boryspil airport transfer and also keep in mind the time of arrival and departure in consideration of the customs and passport control Whatever the purpose of arrival, you have to make arrangements for staying in Kharkov.

While browsing internet you will find the website kharkov-apartment very useful with offers of lowest prices. Before booking accommodation in Kharkov, you can compare prices of other providers to find out the lowest offer. While charging, Ukraine hotels do not consider the number of people staying but rather they consider the number of nights we plan to stay. kharkhov-apartment charge from 40 to 80 Euros and the same facilities are offered by some hotels from 200 to 300 Euros. Since only few Ukrainians speak English, it is better to arrange in advance for transfer of places.

While booking for accommodation in Ukraine you can state your purpose of visit as study since things will be much easier if you are a student. With similar type of facilities apartments are very affordable in Ukraine and so it is wise to book them and avoid hotels. Generally people who rent apartments speak English and so it will be easier for you. Verify about the taxes, check out timings and facilities that is included with the charges. Having cash will be helpful when visiting other places in Ukraine.

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