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PHP web hosting is becoming the popular choice to host websites for its varied flexible features There are many free website hosting services online offering PHP web host features PHP web host supports any modules that are written in PHP language login pages, online surveys, shopping carts, database applications are easily written in PHP.

PHP is the server based scripting language that will enable processing the server code and transmits result to computer when an HTML web page is being accessed This processing technique will improve the speed of hosting by helping you to receive over 500kb data download

Since it is offered free PHP hosting is the most advantageous program. PHP web hosting is an oprn source program and its license is GNY license. This makes it to be a flexible option for web developers across the world to access the service easily Any one can understand the PHP web hosting and hence inexperienced web developers find it very easy. This automatically installs databases and PHP applications.There is no need for programming knowledge for accessing PHP hosting service

Customer interaction in websites can be easily included with PHP hosting.Using this hosting service, visitor tracking scripts, forum, and daily giveaway drawings can also be created Developers have full freedom to modify and change it since it is free. We can use Windows and Linux for PHP web hosting. Apache server of Linux and IIS server of Windows support PHP. However developers prefer using Linux because, hosting on Apache server offers many benefits like easy installation, it offers CGI compatibility, supports any functions and modules However NET resources cannot be taken much advantage over Linux Apache server

There are many free hosting sites that offer Linux PHP hosting with free hosing plans, starter plans and advanced plans for corporate and individuals. The most advantageous aspect of free hosting service is that you can get about 500MB free disk space with 10 hosted domains and 5GB bandwidth that is very supporting for a small scale business or a newly launched businesses to start with Small business owners are relieved from the cost of hosting services.This becomes the best cost effective solution for new businesses and a great opportunity to grow Getting this free web hosting service is very easy with just submitting a form.

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