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Tunisia is an African country with Algeria and Libya as its neighbors and 11 million people as its total population. In spite of having Sahara desert in its south side Tunisia is a fertile land. It is actually an Arab country and has close ties with European Union. Tunisia enjoys temperate climate.In winter it has mild rains and in summer it is hot and dry Lots of foreign invasions from Phoenicians, Vandals, Arabs, Turks, Spaniards, Romans, Byzantines and the French took place in Tunisia. So, Tunisian culture is a mixture of all cultures that have invaded them so far. As a tourist you can get all relevant information from tunisia-tourism. org Tunisia is a beautiful country with a long coast and attractive beaches The seashore is deep enough to enjoy water sports and adventures for the tourists.To visit the interesting places of Tunisia tunisia-tourism All the country details can be found in the website. All the information regarding the cheap hotels near the beaches of Tunisia are in the website. Many attractive tourist places, historical places and archeological places are in Tunisia and so it known as the jewel of the Mediterranean. has all the information of the country regarding top ten hotels,top ten adventures, various festivals, shopping places, restaurants and Spa treatment centers In Tunisia the shooting of the famous movie “star wars” took place and so it still has the sets of the movie. Tunisia has the star war movie set as a permanent tourist attraction. A historical preservation, Punic City of Kerkouane, that belongs to thousand years before is the next tourist attraction. This place resembles the ghost town of the Phoenician. With a height of 5000 feet the Chaambi Mountain stands majestically at the south of Tunisia. For the holiday travelers, the Kerkennah islands offer a terrific experience with its roman collapsing forts and other fishing units, another website guides the traveller to pan the entire trip by providing the relevant information of uk You will get an idea of traveling around the country; from where to start the trip, where to stay and enjoy maximum, where to dine and relax, where to find the best restaurants that offer multi cuisine food, where to go for the best Spa experience, etc Finding information regarding the best hotels and booking directly online is possible from Festival details and transportation facilities around the country is explained in detail in this website.

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