Ukraine Accomodation: For Euro 2012 : From 40 Euros/Night An Affordable Accomodation

Euro 2012 is sure to see a horde of tourists to Ukraine one of the host countries to be hosting the preliminary rounds of the final matches during the end of June and beginning of July Ukraine is going to witness a high demand for apartments

Euro 2012 is going to be held in four cities and Donetsk city of eastern Ukraine is one of them The other 3 cities are Kiev, Lviv, and Kharkiv Also there will be a huge demand for bookings for transfer from Kharkiv to Donetsk and to other cities. It is not yet late to do the transfer reservations between city to city From Kiev to Donetsk you can travel by flight or by rail or by road. Since the train timings are at night it is better to go by bus if you want to see sightseeing even though there is great crowd

To get to Donetsk from Lviv you must know that the distance is 640 miles and if you have time on your hands you can enjoy surface travel otherwise air travel is the best option To avail of the most affordable places you have to book for travel and accommodation simultaneouslyCheck out websites like kharkhovapartment will help you to find cheap rated accomodation starting from 40 Euros among the 500 Euro accommodations in Donetsk.When looking for hotels in Donetsk remember to mention the number of people planning to stay per room and if you find that the charges are too high or if the hotels are charging extra for more people then it is more practical and economical to rent Donetsk apartments

Apartments area available with different amenities so make sure to inquire in detail of the facilities to avail of the room that gives value To satisfy the tourists many new apartments with modern amenities like internet connections are being constructed.for the most comfortable stay Most hotels in Donetsk are not offering any discount packages or bundled offer in light of the high demand so do not look for any or be suspicious of the quality of those hotel rooms who are giving discounted rates in a time of such high demand Since the season is of such rush the hotels in Donetsk or any other city will be more vigilant in terms of the cleanliness and orderliness maintained by guests

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