Scavenger Hunt Keys


The primary goal of a scavenger hunt is to send participants out with a listing of things to search out, obtain, photograph, videotape, audio record, etc. The hope is that whereas they are operating together as a team, relationships are going to be developed.

Publicity chance

Make invitations to your church, business, or organization and provides them to everybody who participates or that interacts with the teams in some way. Or produce atiny low thanks card with your contact data. Participants can provides a thank you card to everyone who helps them. Even better, invite them to a celebration or slideshow where the results are going to be displayed.

Preparing Item Lists

Lists may be as artistic and wild as you would like them to be. style your list around a subject or concept:

Ecological, Bible Objects, Occupations, Food, Canned merchandise, prices of things, Animal Tracks, footprints, Photos at History Locations, People, sounds, clothing, church members, Camp provides, items for the needy, recycled materials, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Year, Halloween, Noah’s Ark Party, recent family photos, fruits, vegetables, widgets, Posed Photos, Video, etc.

Protecting Participants

1. do not let any youth drive – put adults answerable and don’t allow horseplay on the roads like “Chinese fire drills”. confirm everybody wears seatbelts or take major points away if they’re caught on film while not them on. you’ll conjointly conduct the scavenger hunt on foot. you do not want a participant killed while speeding throughout your scavenger hunts.

2. Participants must obey all laws and directions from sponsors.

3. Limit the play space and place people at strategic locations if required to insure the safety of participants.

4. certify every group features a portable and speak to numbers for emergency.


1. Set a specific purpose worth for each item on the list.

2. Have some extent penalty for every minute late to the final destination or to report back with the things.

3. For Video or photo scavenger hunts, give further points to teams for having a corporation, organization, or church brand in every picture. you’ll also need a Bible, a mascot, or some other object in every picture. Some groups have even been known to possess to hold a large teddy bear or alternative object ( a couch) around to be in each image.

4. Award extra points for having everybody within the cluster as part of the photo or video.

Planning the Scavenger Hunt – ten Steps

1. PURPOSE: what’s the aim of your scavenger hunt.
(Is it an icebreaker? For team building? only for fun?)

2. TYPE: What sort of scavenger hunt is it?
(Is it to collect objects? a photo scavenger hunt? A video scavenger hunt? A sound scavenger hunt? Others?)

3. THEME: what is the theme?
(Is it a Pirate’s Treasure Hunt? a Superhero Hunt? Aladin’s Magic Carpet Hunt? Others?)

4. LOCATION: Where will the hunt take place? What are the boundaries?
(Is it restricted to a school or church building? The downtown area? Walking distance? Reconnoiter the location to see potential problems. Get permission in advance from affected businesses and individuals.)

5. ITEM LIST: What items do participants got to collect?
(Based on your purpose, sort of hunt, and theme, create a list of things which will be found in the specified boundaries. Are subsitutions allowed?)

6. SCORING: How will points be allocated?
(Are some things worth quite others? Are there points for creativity and quality?)

7. INVITATIONS: Who are going to be invited to the take part the Scavenger Hunt?
(What do they need to bring? What do they need to wear? Tailor the invites to your theme.)

8. TEAMS: How can participants be divided into teams?

9. RULES: What are the rules?
(Take into thought the security of participants still as minimizing potential problems.)

10. AWARDS: verify the situation and also the time for the awards party.
(How will groups present their items to the judges?)

The primary goal of a scavenger hunt is to send participants out with an inventory of things to search out, obtain, photograph, videotape, audio record, etc. for more information please visit scavenger hunt clues and click here or to directly visit website =

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