Rent a car Vanrell Mafia

Beware from rent a car Vanrell ( I had a bad experience with them and it seems that I wasn’t the only one. We hire a car and asked her to have full insurance and they said yes. One day before returning the car a cat was in the middle of road and had to turn right and I hit a stone, the right front wheel was damaged. I called to rent a car and took the car; they told me I had to pay damages. I told them I had a full insurance and an employee told me that it wasn’t full insurance; they do not work with full insurance. I left very angry and the next day they charge me in my visa 450€. I read the fine print of the contract and it wasn’t full insurance, I had been cheated.

Someone said the small with the commitment plus it wasn’t total insurance, I had been totaly ripped off.

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