Hublot Big Bang King All Black Blue Watch- The Dive Model in the Clean Color Way

The Hublot Big Bang King All Black Blue watch is a heavy-duty diving watch, which is presented in a larger than life 48mm black ceramic body and sapphire crystal and rhodium-plated dial. It is water resistant to 300 meters’ deep dive. Aside from the many useful features of this watch, the Big Bang also sports a clean black and blue color way, the way that looks like an ocean.

It seems that even in the severest cases of haute couture madness there are days when form does follow function. While other designs of Hublot’s named to be super stylish “All Black” family fiercely refuse to tell time because of total lake of contrast, this Black Blue one at least makes modest attempt of serving its main purpose. Why? Why this version is much better than the other Hublot “All Black” models? The reason is simple yet a little tricky. While highly fashionable and primarily intended to be worn as a casual sporty watch, this model is also positioned as a expensive diving watch and nothing can be more dangerous, or at least, for a diver it is more unnerving than inability to find out how much exactly time passed since he or she went under water.

Look at the picture, the watch has its hour markers covered with an electric blue luminescent substance, making the watch glow even in the deep and dark waters. The edges of the hour, minute and the second hands are all covered with the same substance for better legibility. Yet, the matte ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel of this watch is not applied the luminescent substance, thus making it a little useless when regard to its standard 60-minute diving scale. And the date display is also a little unreasonable, since it is not so easy to read when it is printed with black ink on a dark grey background.

But everything else aspect of this watch just looks perfect and high-tech as the brand always is. Even the watch’s natural leather alligator strap is in fact a composite material since it has black rubber injected on its inner surface. All in all, this Hublot Big Bang King All Black Blue watch has some shortages, though; it is still a perfect hallmark in watch industry. Find the Hublot replica Black Blue watch from replica watch industry and check out how it amuses you and why it is still so popular.

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