7 Mistakes to Avoid When choosing a House Cleaning Service

MISTAKE #1: selecting a Cleaning Service purely based upon “lowest worth.”

Low value might be a retardant in three ways: (1) low worth can be the bait that pulls your phone decision, however once the cleaner gets into your home, they pressure you into the next priced job; (2) very “low prices” tend to be offered by individual cleaners who commonly haven’t any insurance, don’t seem to be bonded, have not been screened for background checks, generally do not have the funds to exchange an item they broken in your home, and sadly, a lot of often than not are not ready to hold employment nowadays at a professional cleaning company. (3) low worth implies that the equipment, chemicals and supplies getting used are way cheaper and are not operating as effectively in your home, especially the quality of vacuuming.

MISTAKE #2: selecting a Cleaning Service based upon one phonephone decision.

Instead, invite the person to your home and ask for a selected written quotation. this manner you may apprehend exactly what you’re paying for, and you won’t be the victim of high-pressure techniques when the cleaning team steps into your front room. Even additional importantly, the best Cleaning Services provide multiple packages of services, 6-month and 1-year service agreements, and provide additional home services through their certified affiliates like plumbers, handyman services, air-con techs, painters, personal organizers, interior decorators, window washers and carpet cleaners. the best Cleaning Services will perform/tailor their job to your varied needs.

MISTAKE #3: selecting a Cleaning Service who has unclear policies and procedures.

Or worse, selecting a Cleaning Service who states they have your best interest in mind, however is regularly telling you what they can or can’t do as a result of it doesn’t fit in with their policies. actually caring concerning your needs means the skilled Cleaning Company is prepared to offer some flexibility. If your children are sick and you would like to skip a cleaning at the last minute, if you wish some linens changed, or some additional windows cleaned, a professional Cleaning Service are going to be ready and happy to fulfill your wants. make sure that the Cleaning Service Company you choose is in business to serve you.

MISTAKE #4: selecting a Cleaning Service while not getting comments or testimonials from other purchasers.

Any Cleaning Service can say anything concerning their past jobs. And sadly, some of what they are saying may not be true. make sure you ask for references or read comments from current customers thus you’ll be able to rely on the Cleaning Service and therefore the quality of their work.

MISTAKE #5: selecting a Cleaning Service while not being crystal clear about your expectations and the specific cleaning duties that are included in the Company’s written quotation.

The best of the best Cleaning Services routinely supply their purchasers service agreements that specifically outline the detailed tasks that are to be performed as part of your home cleaning service. some of the a lot of common areas of potential confusion are dishes, stripping and making of beds, laundry, high dusting of ceiling fan blades, high reach window sills, handling of children’s toys, and the handling of the trash throughout the home. defend yourself and save yourself numerous grief by obtaining all of those cleaning specifications in writing up front.

MISTAKE #6: choosing a Cleaning Service without making certain that competitors’ bids are “apple-to-apple” comparisons. for instance, if you receive written quotations from 3 companies, make sure to visualize that the quotations are for a similar services, especially:

. Frequency of cleaning-weekly, bi-weekly, quad, single, etc.

. Inclusion of services like bed making, refrigerator cleaning, dusting ceiling fan blades, wet mopping methods, sanitizing and disinfecting versus only surface cleaning

. Equipment, supplies and cleaning chemicals-are they provided by all corporations

. number of Cleaners per Team and variety of hours of actual cleaning every time-2 individuals on a team for three hours=6 hours, one person for 8 hours=8 hours, 3 individuals for three hours=9 hours

. Compare Guarantees

. Compare availability of additional services and licensed affiliate services

. make sure that every bid is merely for the work you truly wish done

MISTAKE #7: selecting a Cleaning Service who isn’t offering supplies and cleaning products.

Find out who is to provide cleaning supplies and equipment. Some state take into account you to be the employer if you provide these items, which suggests you are responsible for medical expenses if a worker is injured using your cleaning chemicals or vacuum. a professional cleaning company will provide their own provides and equipment. Their employees are properly trained on all cleaning chemicals used moreover as vacuum cleaners and other equipment.

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