BBQ – Tips and Secrets About the Best BBQ

Hockey fans “tailgate,” too. But there’s more to barbecuing than just throwing meat on a grill and letting it cook. You want the meat or vegetables you grill to taste first-class and make folk want to come back for more. You want them to say that your barbecue is the correct bbq they’ve ever had.

One of the most common meats that folk put on the barbecue is ribs. But citizens grill all kinds of meats from salmon to steaks to chicken to hot dogs. Some human beings like to grill potatoes or vegetables, like corn-on-the-cob. anything you determine to BBQ, make sure you start with a clean grill. Besides the danger of germs and bacteria, you don’t want the flavors from a previous meal interfering with the current one.

Some human beings like to protect their grills with aluminum foil, but this eliminates the grill marks, unless they take the time to wrap the foil around each grill rod. Not many citizens want to do that. One way to prevent meat from sticking to the grill is by spraying it with a non-stick being cooked spray or brushing a baby bit of cooking oil on it. This should be achieved before you light your grill, and if you work with cooking spray, it should be aimed away from the grill.

To avoid meat juices from dripping into the flames, work with tongs or a spatula for flipping. For optimum cooking, leave space between the foods you place on your grill. Overcrowding can cause flare ups and make flipping meat difficult. bbq tips

If you’re pressed for time, you can pre-cook your meat. This works particularly well with ribs. Boiling them and/or cooking them in the oven first will help them to cook faster. Hot dogs and cheese burgers usually cook pretty quickly, so there’s no need to pre-cook them. Potatoes and corn-on-the-cob should definitely be pre-cooked. You can put the potatoes in the oven and put the corn-on-the-cob in a pot of boiling water. You don’t have to cook them completely, only about half way. The grill will do the rest as it adds that delicious smoky flavor to everything.

Make sure all foods are cooked thoroughly. With meats, you can use a meat thermometer to see if they’re the correct temperature. Generally, vegetables are affectionate when they’re cooked thoroughly.

Whether you bbq for friends or family, you want to make sure that you serve them the best barbecue they’ve ever tasted… or, at least, the correct bbq they’ve ever tasted from you.

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