Bridal Tyranny: Tales during the Trenches

The term “Bridezilla” began as an within the joke among wedding planners and vendors, but it’s mainly because become a residence word and an American institution. We all know what it means… an otherwise ordinary woman, usually in her 20s or 30s, is transformed into a raging, irrational control freak whilst planning her wedding. She makes outrageous desires of her friends and family as soon as they don’t treat her like royalty and cater to her each whim. She screams at caterers and florists if they don’t meet her requirements towards letter, and she even alienates her groom once she focuses her fury in his direction.

How to avoid becoming a Bridezilla at your destination wedding.
While some of these characterizations may perhaps appear like stereotypes, any wedding professional will tell you that the Bridezilla Syndrome is no joke. If you don’t consider us, the following are some true stories from true wedding planners about true brides (and a single actual groom) who won the prize for tyrannical behavior:

. Wendy insisted that every bridesmaid wear an identical form-fitting dress in a sickening shade of pink, with dyed satin pumps to match. The dresses may possibly have looked excellent on tall, skinny supermodels, but Wendy’s bridesmaids came in all shapes and sizes, including 1 who was seven month pregnant. Allowances have been produced for your pregnant girl (though Wendy demanded that she wear the satin pumps with no regard towards the poor girl’s swollen feet and aching back), but the sleep of girls had been ordered to lose pounds before the wedding so they’d all seem very good in their dresses! To add insult to injury, the girls have been expected to buy the dresses and shoes themselves… at about $200 a pop.

. Carol, an artist, wanted a visually stunning wedding. Her dress was red satin, and also the venue was decorated with cascades of red roses. For ones table settings, rather than using the non-descript tableware supplied by the caterers, she combed via antique stores and purchased her personal dishes… a mixed-and-matched collection of plates, bowls and cups in a turn-of-the-century, red-themed Victorian designs. The dilemma was that following the reception, these dishes would must be washed, packed and returned to her, and also the caterers would not take in responsibility for the task. Carol’s solution? Her bridesmaids, household and closest close friends have been needed to stay late after the reception to pack up the dishes and consume them household to wash them.

. Yes, there is such thing being a Groomzilla. Michael was a tyrant in every aspect of his life, and his wedding was no exception. He barked orders at the wedding party, the vendors, the guests as well as the bride, and he refused to follow any instructions or agendas laid out by the caterer, the photographer or the wedding officiant. By law in most states, the officiant need to see the license before the ceremony, but Michael was too busy controlling everybody to go to his car to retrieve it. Following the ceremony, once the officiant asked for the license, Michael growled, “I’ll get it after I’m great and ready.” The poor officiant sat there waiting for an hour whilst Michael drank and schmoozed with his buddies. During the photo session, Michael argued with the photographer about the lighting, and during the dinner, he was verbally abusive towards wait staff. His poor bride sat there with downcast eyes through it all.

Worried about embarrassing wedding toasts?
We could fill a book with stories like these, but instead, we’d rather plead with you to remain sane during the planning and execution of your wedding. If your friends are bold enough to tell you when your behavior is acquiring out of hand, please take heed. A wedding isn’t worth your losing your friends, and even though time may well heal any rifts, the antics of a Zilla will be remembered long right after the wedding is over.

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