Discount Car Hire in Bulgaria

In the south east part of Europe surrounded with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and Black Sea, we can find Bulgaria. It is geographically located at a very interesting place of earth crisscrossing and witnessing many cultures of the world from time immemorial The country has many attractions for a tourist The main attraction is the long black sea coast with many beaches and bays. Within Bulgaria all important cities including the capital city Sofia can be covered with a cheap car hire. There is a lot more in Bulgaria to discover and enjoy The mountains Rila and Pirin have beautiful places around them with green forests and beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed with a rental car in Bulgaria In Bulgaria we have the best car hire company Grent which offer discounts and coupons quite often.

Tourists will enjoy road tripping in Bulgaria as it is the Balkan country.The prices start from just 9Euros per day if you rent a car in Bulgaria through Grent Company Grent have pick up facilities in all major airports of Bulgaria. You can select either cheap or luxury car from Grent.All summer and winter resorts are connected with their transfer program of car rentals in Bulgaria

Tourists can enjoy customized service apart from ready made packages and car rental services.To search for the availability of rental cars, you just have to enter the pick up location, return location, pickup date and time, return date and time and the class of the car to be booked They offer various classes of rental cars like economy, compact, full size, automatic, Estate wagon, Minivan, SUV, Luxury and special. To visit Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas the car companies offer discount car hire.

In the Grent website we have so many services like Rent a car Sofia, Rent a car Sofia Airport, Rent a car Varna, Rent a car Varna Airport, Rent a car Burgas, Rent a car Burgas Airport, Rent a car Plovdiv, Rent a car Plovdiv Airport and Rent a car Rousse. You will find very detailed information regarding these cities of Bulgaria, their history, famous tourist attractions in and around the city, where to stay, where to do shopping, the entertainment areas and how to hire a car from Grent using these services Elaborate tips on what to do after booking a rental car and how to inspect it before you actually start using it are dealt in detail

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