Ufone and Jazz Packages

Ufone is the brand name of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, started in 2001 It is for the benefit of Pakistani people to utilize the services of advanced packages at affordable prices. With clear sound and good network facilities, Ufone offers the best technology for its customers. They enjoy a very good customer relationship that they have more than 20 million people under their service.Their network has spread over 10,000 locations Ufone is considered as the largest GPRS & Blackberry roaming system of Pakistan. Throughout Pakistan, they have nearly 200 sales and customer service centers. Ufone offers MNP facility which enables its customers to enjoy transferring networks without changing their mobile numbers. All PTCL bills can be paid at any of the Ufone outlets Advanced technology of Ufone provides good sound quality and clear voice output.Ufone offers a lot of varieties of packages for its customers Their packages aim for the convenience of their customers. Many special packages are introduced from time to time. Customers can talk for 10 seconds paying 25 paisa from any network at any time of the day using 10 second package. Urgent and important messages can be delivered through this package. A special lady’s package offering special deals on calls and SMS to ladies is exclusively for the benefit of lady customers only. Members of lady package benefit from special facilities like favorite songs, beauty tips, recipe, new fashion trends, health tips and horoscope news, etc. , Also Ufone has 3 minute package, 60 paise offer, tension free package, Ufone Life Plus, Super Ghanta Package, Ufone ghanta Package etc jazz packages is from the leading cellular and blackberry service provider Mobilink. Mobilink has defined their prepaid packages as jazz packages. Mobilink provides advanced technology and good customer service for its clients. Customers of Jazz are charged only very low rates when they use Jazz First package. ‘Jazz Easy – Old’ is a package that offers favorite numbers to its customers. Some of the popular packages of Jazz are ‘jazz budget’, ‘jazz one’ and ‘Jazz ladies first’.’Jazz ladies first’ is for women who love to talk hours together This is more economical for ladies since they charge just 5 rupees for an hour. Also they can make use of beauty tips, recipes tips and fashion tips Family members can utilize ‘Jazz budget’ package which offers the lowest rates.

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