Where To Start If You Have Dark Circles

Effective treatment method for removal of dark circles under the eyes must be directed at the underlying cause of the dark circles. Thousands of people complain of dark circles under the eyes but the underlying cause of the dark circles varies greatly. Trying to get rid of dark circles that do not correct the underlying cause of the dark circle will fail to work.

There is an incredible variety of treatments for dark circles including cucumber slices, tea bags, vanishing creams, bleaching creams, lasers, surgery, more sleep, avoid TV and computer, drink 2 liters of water every day etc, yet just a handful of these regimens seem to be directed at the main cause of the dark circles under the eyes.

The other proven means of how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes is by using a saline solution that is made by mixing water, sea salt and baking soda. This solution is introduced into one of your nostrils in order to clear the congested nostrils. This method is however, recommended only when the cause of the dark eyes is nasal congestion.

Eye Creams are regarded as the best treatment, since it primarily focuses on the elimination of those circles and even eye bags under your eyes. Most creams have natural ingredients which are specifically designed to give you a much younger looking appearance, and can also eliminate the presence of fine lines on your skin.

One efficient way to prevent dark circles from appearing is to drink lots of water daily. The skin beneath the eyes is very thin and can be easily susceptible to pigment discoloration. You can acquire dark circles even because of dehydration. This dehydration is not very serious to spoil your health but it may give an alarm by forming dark circles beneath the eyes. Always carry a bottle of water wherever you go and frequently drink a mouthful of water. Dark circles can happen due to exposure to sun. If you are a person who has to remain in the sun for an extended time, then you have to apply protective sun lotion especially under the eyes to prevent the damages. SPF 30 and above is very effective in providing protection from the sun’s radiation.

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