How to maximise your personal video efforts on the display floor

Lights, Camera, Action! Once you get on the show floor, video gear in hand, below are show smart video production tips from experts. Remember, your video doesnt have to be perfectly polished to go viral.
FIRST: The video production
Video is the perfect platform to secure a product testimonial at a exhibition and communicate complex ideas. Generally video should do the following to your brand:
. Deliver value and relevancy
. Increase brand engagement
. Enliven your product/services
. Build brand reputation
SECOND: Establish your video goals
Make sure before you interview prospects, to come up with questions that will prompt the answers that you are looking for and will have interviewees communicating your product in the most accurate light. If a customer makes a couple of blunders here and there, dont sweat it, you can always edit them out later.
THIRD: Getting visitors to talk the talk
In addition to capturing lively snap shots of prospects and customers engaging with your brand, after information packed product demos or seminars, make sure to set-up an interview with visitors on their experience with your products/brand/services in exchange for a product discount or a premium giveaway. Later you can repurpose the video and include it in your corporate website and social media channels.
FOURTH: What your testimonial should be
A brief endorsement by satisfied customers that adds validity to your claim and casts your product/services as a “must have” for businesses. If you make video edits on a customers testimonial make sure to run the final take by the interviewee one last time before implementing it in any of your online campaigns; the last thing you want to do is misconstrue their endorsement of your product/services.
FIFTH: Keep it real
As you interview visitors let them vent about their top challenges and pain points specifically addressing how your solution alleviates those challenges. You want your target audience to identify with them and their testimonial.

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