Some history concerning one of the founding fathers of a present day music retailer.

Max Abraham
In 1863, Dr. Max Abraham (1831-1900) became partner, assuming active management. Pursuing definite aims, Max Abraham, who became sole proprietor in 1880, succeeded in realizing two ideas that gave new far-reaching aspects to music publishing: Edition Peters and the Peters Music Library. Originally, publications in Edition Peters were distinguished by the use of lime green covers for editions that were not affected by copyright restrictions, while pink covers were used for original works acquired by the publisher that were. Today, however, this distinction is less rigidly observed across the Peters Group. From the time of their first appearance in 1867, these editions were regarded as a universal token of quality in the music profession. The Peters Music Library, a unique musicological reference library (access to which was granted to everyone free of charge) was founded in 1894, a foundation being created to provide for its continuance. Peters Music Library Year Books published from 1894, and contributed to by leading musicologists, gained world fame as sources of invaluable reference.
The range of works published in Edition Peters underwent a rapid process of expansion. In addition to the growing number of classics in the form of instrumental, vocal and choral works appearing in scores, piano reductions and other forms, the Edition was complemented with many original works written by contemporary composers of the time, including dAlbert, Brahms, Bruch, Busoni, Dvor?k, Flotow, Franz, Goldmark, Gade, Grieg, Liszt, Loewe, Lortzing, Meyerbeer, Moszkowski, Raff, Sinding, Smetana, Vieuxtemps and Wagner. Dr. Abraham named his nephew Henri Hinrichsen (1868-1942) as his successor who, after starting as confidential clerk in 1891, had meanwhile become a partner.

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